25 Ways to Make Money Online, Offline and at Home

Do you want to earn money but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got your back.

You’re not the only one. According to a study conducted by ING Bank, nearly half of Australians (48%) already have a side business or plan to do so.

NerdWallet has compiled 25 ways you can make money online, at home, or on the go. We list the details of each side job, such as how to start, what age you need to be, and when you will get paid. Although most people are looking to earn money quickly, you shouldn’t ignore the “slower” jobs, which may produce better in the end.

How to earn money online

In the gig economy, people are looking for ways to make money online. We’ve got some great options for you, whether you want to become a six-figure influencer on social media or supplement your income.

1. Find freelance Work online

Freelancing sites such as Upwork and Fiverr can help you earn money online. These sites provide a wide range of freelance Work, including writing, programming and design, marketing, data entry, and virtual assistant jobs. Do you speak a second or third language well? You can also create your website to attract clients. Keep track of your rates for any freelance work so that you can know whether you are charging too much or not enough.

Total Time: It may take some time to land your first gig.
Setup: 24 hours.
Start-up is easy: If you have expertise.
The speed at which you will be paid varies by site

2. Test your websites and apps

Sites like UserTesting.com are another way to earn money at home. You are paid to give your opinion on the effectiveness of certain apps and websites. UserTesting.com will require you to take a test before they accept your submission. The amount paid depends on the type of test, but UserTesting.com doesn’t disclose the exact amount.

Total time: Approval times can vary.
Installation: less than an hour
Start easy: If you have all the necessary tech gear and can complete a test sample.
Minimum age: 18+
How quickly you will be paid: 7 days.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk: Pick up tasks

Some jobs require a touch of human interaction, even in an age of automation. These jobs are often outsourced via services such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. The tasks that you will be given as a “worker” can be time-consuming — such as tagging photos, transcribing video, or classifying receipts. They can range from a couple of minutes to several hours. The temporary employers, or “requesters,” set the price and approve the final product before you are paid. Do your research. This can lead to scams. Join a community such as the MTurk Crowd Forum and the MTurk and Turker Nation Subreddits to avoid shady dealers. These communities and other “workers” can answer your questions and give you a realistic estimate of the amount of money you can make.

Total Time: A few days to see if you are approved.
Setup: Depending on the task that you select.
Start-up is easy If you already have some skills.
Minimum age: 18+
When you can expect to be paid: Payment is made after work approval. This could take up to 30 days.

4. Surveys for Money

Online surveys can be a great way to earn money, but you shouldn’t expect to make a lot of cash. Most survey sites do not offer large payouts, and they are often more useful to earn gift cards rather than cash. Beginners may find it easy to make money online by using survey sites. You can sign up and begin taking surveys within minutes. Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and other popular survey sites are among the most popular.

Total Time: This will take some time.
Installation: Only minutes.
Easy to use: Very. Register and start.
Age limit: 13 years and older.
The speed at which you will be paid varies by site.

5. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with your blog

You can make money as a blogger if you have a decent amount of traffic. Join an affiliate network such as Commission Junction, ShareASale, or FlexOffers. Affiliates, which are you, get paid whenever someone clicks from your website to a partner site and purchases something. Bloggers can make a lot of cash this way.

Total Time: Building an audience can take a long time.
Setup Building a website is simple with blog templates.
It’s easy to get started: Getting started isn’t that hard. It may not be easy to create regular content.
Age limit: Any.
Average time to get paid: One or two months.

6. Sell your handmade products on Etsy

Do you enjoy woodworking, jewelry-making, embroidery, or pottery? Etsy is the site of choice for artists selling homewares, art, and curiosities. Statista data shows that Etsy had 96 million buyers in 2021 and generated over $13.5 billion worth of merchandise sales.

Total Time: You may have to wait a long time for your customers to find you.
Setup can be quite complicated.
Start with a “hard” difficulty level.
Age limit: 13 and older
When you will be paid: The next day, up to seven days following a sale.

7. Your blog or YouTube channel can generate advertising revenue

Turn your cat videos into cash videos. You may be able to make money through advertising if your blog or YouTube videos have a large audience. YouTube requires that creators reach 1,000 subscribers before they can apply for the YouTube Partners Program. YouTube Partners also get access to Google AdSense – a service where businesses pay to advertise on your content. It is a free service, but you have to meet certain requirements.

Total Time: It may take a few weeks to set up.
Setup is not difficult.
How simple it is to start: It depends on your ability to produce interesting videos.
Minimum age: 18 years and older
When you are paid: It could take a while for the first payment; then, it’s monthly.

8. Instagram Influencers: How to become one

Influencers are people who have a large following on Instagram. Apply for marketing opportunities through Open Influence, Aspire, or directly contact the brands that you’d like to work with.

Total Time: You will need to stay with it.
Setup Quick & Easy
Easy to start? Not so easy. It’s an extremely competitive platform.
Age limit: 13 and older
The speed at which you will be paid varies depending on the partnership.

9. You can monetize your Twitch channel

If you have a large following on Twitch (the go-to gaming site), then it is possible to earn money at home. Broadcasters are able to receive donations from their viewers and can even make a portion of the subscription and advertising revenue if they achieve Affiliate or Partner status.

Total Time: It can be a very long game.
Setup Quick & Easy
Start-up is easy: It takes time to build up a following.
Age limit: 13+
When you will be paid: monthly.

10. Sell your digital photography and art

You can turn your digital photos and art into money by selling them on sites such as Fine Art America and Society6, which allow you to upload your images and sell them for prints, T-shirts, and phone cases. SmugMug 500px, PhotoShelter, and SmugMug are other marketplaces for photographers. Some sites charge a monthly fee but offer features such as password-protected photo galleries, cloud storage, and a custom website. You will need all the rights to images that you wish to sell.

Total Time: Buyers must find you and like your Work.
Installation: Only a few hours.
Start easy: Have a collection of pictures?
Age limit: Any.
The speed at which you will be paid depends on the sales platform.

How to earn money at home

Some side hustles do not even require you to leave your home. If they need you to leave the house, it may be just a quick walk around your block with your furry friend. To be able to work from home, you need to have a bit of creativity and motivation.

These are great ideas for home-based side jobs:

11. How to become a dog walker

Love dogs? Earn money as a dog walker. You can walk your dog whenever you want to with apps like Pawshake. You could also offer overnight dog boarding if you have the space and permission from your landlord if you are renting. It would be best if you read the fine print before signing up for this service.

Total Time: Building up a clientele base can take time.
Installation: Usually takes a few days.
Easy to begin: Do you love pets? You are ready to go.
Minimum age: 18 years and older
When you will be paid: From two days to one week.

12. Gift cards can be sold unused.

Make extra money by selling unused or partially used gift cards on a site like Voucha or GiftCardExchange.com.au. In general, you’ll enter your gift card details and receive a quote for cash. You’ll get paid into your PayPal or bank account if you accept the offer.

Total Time: Depends upon the popularity of the Gift Card.
Setup: Easy.
Easy to begin: Sell more gift cards to make money.
Minimum age: You must be at least 18 years old to own a credit card.
The speed at which you will be paid depends on the sale method.

13. List your spare room on Airbnb

Renting your spare room or home on holiday rental websites is another way to earn extra cash. Prepare to spend money on cleaning and maintaining the property, replacing home goods, and paying service fees. Check your rental agreement to make sure you can have paying guests.

Total Time: The success of your business depends on the location.
Setup: An online listing can be created in just a few hours.
It’s easy to get started: You can start by renting a room.
Minimum age: 18 years and older
How quickly you will be paid: Around one day.

How to earn money online

You can earn extra cash online or at home. But there is a third option: offline. The downside of this version of the gig economy is that it may take a bit more work, but there are also some substantial benefits. Here are some offline ways to earn money:

14. You can sell your gently used clothing

You can make money quickly by selling clothes that you don’t wear anymore. You can start with consignment stores in your area to earn money quickly, or you can use websites like Poshmark or Yordtrobe for buyers. When selling online, make sure you take photos that are well-lit and clear. Also, research similar items in order to determine a competitive price. All items will be subjected to various inspections prior to acceptance.

Total Time: Varys by Sales Channel
Setup: Simple and fast. You can go to the consignment store or send in a box of clothes.
Start: Simple. The hardest part may be cleaning out your closet.
Age limit: Any.
The speed at which you will be paid varies by sales channel

15. Trade in old electronics and phones for cash

Do you have an old iPad, phone, or gaming system? Sell it at sites like Boomerang Buy Back or Mazuma Mobile. Amazon’s Trade-In Program pays in Amazon Gift Cards — and on eBay, too.

Total Time: There are many options to choose from, so the time you spend will vary.
Easy setup: No hassle.
Easy to Start: Easy. Sell a phone if you have one.
Age limit: Any.
The speed at which you will be paid depends on where you sell.

16. Find a babysitting job

Anyone, from students to retirees, can earn money by watching children. Referrals from family and friends are a great place to start, but you can create a free profile on Sittr.com.au or KiddoApp.com.au if you want to reach a wider audience. To make yourself more attractive, note any special skills you may have, like CPR certifications.

Total Time: Setting up online takes only minutes. Referrals from the neighborhood may take some time.
Installation: Only minutes.
It’s easy to get started: The main thing is spreading the word.
Minimum age: You’re very young if you use referrals. 18+ online.
When you will get paid: The parents are coming home.

17. Rent a car

Many city dwellers don’t drive their cars for several days or even weeks. This idle time can be converted into extra income with services such as Drive My Car, Car Next Door, or Drive Mate, which let you rent your car out by the hour or the day. You will usually take home most of the earnings, while the company earns a commission depending on the plan you select.

Total Time: The demand for your vehicle will be determined by the local market.
Setup Setting up an account takes approximately a half-hour.
Easy to start: If you have the right car, it is easy.
Minimum age: 18 years old and a valid driving license
The speed at which you will be paid varies by site

18. AirTasker: Sign up now

You may enjoy doing things for others if you like assembling Ikea furniture and standing in lines. Airtasker, for example, can help you connect with people in need of assistance with moving, cleaning, deliveries, and handyperson services. This site offers virtual and online jobs, including data entry or research projects.

Total Time: The local demand for your skills determines the amount of time you spend.
Setup time: Two hours. Then, some time to approve.
Start with ease: Easy. You’ll still need to do research.
Minimum age: 18 years and older
When you can expect to be paid: Within a few days of completing a job.

19. Become a private tutor

Private tutoring can turn your expertise in maths, science, or foreign languages, as well as HSC preparation, into a lucrative part-time job. You can either tutor online or in person. Your experience, expertise, and what is in demand can all influence the price you charge. Create a profile at sites such as Tutornova and The Tutoring Company to get started. You can also promote your services in local schools, community centers, and universities.

Total Time: Vary by subject. Some companies may require a certain minimum of availability per week.
Setup This can be a little involved.
Easy to begin: The students will need to find you, and this could take some time.
Age limit: Any.
How quickly you will be paid: Usually fairly fast, often immediately.

20. Drive for a ride-sharing service

Earn money by driving for Uber, GoCatch, or Ola. Don’t forget about the cost of petrol and maintenance. You must have a car that is in good working order and agree to undergo a background and driving history check.

Total Time: Depends upon your market demand
Installation: A Few Weeks
It’s easy to start, but you will need the right vehicle.
Minimum age to drive: 21 years old and licensed in your state
How quickly you will be paid: Very soon. Instantly or within a few days.

It’s important to know the wages and entitlements for different employment types in Australia to make informed decisions.

21. Deliveries for Amazon Eats and Uber Eats

Sign up for services like Uber Eats or Deliveroo. In most cases, you get paid for each delivery, and you can earn tips. Some services don’t require a car. You can use a scooter or bike to deliver packages. A background check is almost always part of the package.

Total Time: Depends upon your market demand
Installation: Around a week.
Start-up is easy: If you have reliable transportation.
Minimum age: 18+
The speed at which you will be paid varies by vendor.

22. Find Work as a home sitter

You can become a housesitter if you are willing to take care of someone else’s home and perhaps feed their pets, water plants, and remove the trash. Tap your network for referrals, or try out AussieHouseSitters.com.au, which connects homeowners with housesitters.

Total Time: Depending on the market demand.
Setup: minutes — or even more if your goal is to generate business through referrals.
How simple it is to start: This can depend on your local needs.
Age limit: Varys by site
When you will be paid: After a gig.

23. Sign up as a mystery shopper

Many businesses want to know what their customers think about them. Join their team of eyes and ears. Online, you can apply through sites such as Mystery Customer or Field Agent. Beware of scams, and make sure to do your research before you sign up.

Total Time: Varies by Site
Setup Application takes little time, but approval may take some time.
Start-up: It’s relatively easy if you already have the required transport and technology.
Minimum age: varies by site but is usually 18+.
The speed at which you will be paid varies by company.

24. Find seasonal Work

Looking for Work? Try seasonal Work, such as being a lifeguard during the holidays or working in a retail shop. Plan to secure a job. Employers usually hire a few months before the busy season. You can find seasonal jobs by checking storefront windows or sites such as SEEK and Indeed.

Total Time: Varys by Job
Setup Job search and interviews may take several weeks.
Easy to begin: It’s not difficult, especially if your skills are in line with the market.
Minimum Age: Minimum Age depends on the Job
The speed at which you will be paid varies by company

25. Use your drone for Work

The drone market is growing. The companies hire out aerial inspections, photography, and land mapping. Why not earn extra money using your drone if you are already a drone enthusiast? First, you must apply for an RPA license from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. You can then apply for jobs as a drone operator.

Total time: Depends on demand.
Setup: Make sure you have enough time to take the test. Then, find clients.
Easy to get started: You’re probably eligible if you have a drone.
Age limit: 16 and older.
The speed at which you will be paid varies by company.

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