Beginning a new venture is very exciting for many of us. A very crucial thing to consider when starting a business is to be aware of the way that business finances perform. This is a frequent question for entrepreneurs with small businesses: how do they get their hands on the tools needed to increase the size of their business and yet keep the vital working capital and cash flow in good condition?

Selecting the best equipment and asset finance is vital because it will provide you with more benefits than simply preserving your day-to-day cash flow.

A few of the advantages of asset finance include:

  • Equipment and assets can provide immediate cash flow
  • Finance can help preserve working capital
  • Fixed repayments can allow you to budget more precisely
  • The property is the collateral for the loan; in this case, you do not need to secure your property with security, which is able to be saved for the future use of finance, like working capital.
  • There could be tax benefits to be considered

What Assets Can Be Financing?

Every asset, plant, or other equipment that could help to generate revenue for a business could be financed, for example:

  • Commercial vehicles to be used for business
  • Commercial fleets.
  • Machinery and plant.
  • Equipment for agriculture.
  • Equipment for solar power.
  • Computers, photocopiers, and telephone systems.
  • Dental and medical equipment.
  • Office equipment.
  • General equipment for business.
  • Internal installation.


What are the various kinds of Equipment and Assets finance?

There are a variety of financial products that are available on the market. Some are more well-known than others. It is advised to speak with professional advisors, for example, accountants, on the best product suitable for your company’s needs.

The options include:

  • Commercial Hire Purchase.
  • Chattel Mortgage.
  • Finance Lease.
  • Operating Lease.


Commercial Hire purchase

A commercial Hire Purchase (CHL) is a type of commercial finance option where the buyer leases the car from the lender in exchange for the payment of a monthly fixed amount over a predetermined amount of time. The vehicle is not held until the end installment is paid.


Chattel Mortgage

In a Chattel mortgage, the asset is owned by the borrower from the start, and the lender is able to take a “charge” on the asset to secure it until the last payment is completed. There could be tax advantages for the borrower as the lender holds title to the asset. It is advised to seek the correct guidance from a qualified professional advisor on selecting the best kind of financial asset for your business.


Finance Lease

In a Finance Lease, the lender acquires the equipment for cash, and the borrower is able to utilize the equipment for the period of the lease in exchange for rent or lease payments. With a finance lease, the borrower isn’t required to invest any money in working capital and could also qualify for tax advantages.


Operating Lease

Operating leases are contract that allows the use of an. However, it does not grant ownership rights to the purchase. They enable companies to utilize the purchase without having to pay the costs associated with buying it.


Why Should You Approach a Broker?

As a broker, the most common request we receive from entrepreneurs with small businesses is how to acquire the necessary equipment to expand the company while maintaining money flow as well as working capital.

The great thing is that any plant, asset, or piece of equipment that helps earn money for a business can be funded, and there are plenty of various options available to think about. Brokers function as a one-stop shop, offering access to over 50 products on the market.

The news is getting better. In terms of financing for equipment and assets, there are a variety of advantages over and above simply preserving day-to-day funds. It could allow the business owner to utilize the equipment to generate instant revenue, plan more efficiently, and secure the loan by using the asset. It is not necessary to lay the support up for sale. Beyond that, there could be tax advantages relevant to you.

If you’re interested in finding out how this kind of financing might assist your business and also which solution is the most suitable one for your needs, contact Aman by dialing +61412175700 and Mandeep at +61401960882 of Credit Hub Australia now to discuss your requirements. With more than 20 years of industry experience, our expert relationship managers will utilize their vast knowledge and expertise to find more than just a fantastic financing deal for you. Our relationship managers will assist you in streamlining your banking requirements with the most effective product on the market to maximize cash flow for your business and open up new opportunities.

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