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The Indian consumer market is populated by younger buyers constantly searching for “buy now pay later” alternatives when making large-ticket purchases. As more and more consumers are opting to purchase premium versions of consumer goods, smartphones, and other devices, there is a rising demand for a more brilliant financing solution that will let buyers make immediate buys without the need to pay for the total value of the item in advance from their pockets. This is where intelligent AI-driven platforms such as ZestMoney can come in.

ZestMoney is India’s top EMI financing platform that offers “Buy Now and Pay Later’ options for young Indian purchasers. As part of its latest offer to customers, this platform has announced an opportunity for Apple lovers. Users can purchase their preferred Apple products using the “Pay Later” option. ZestMoney also offers no-cost EMIs, no processing charges, and instant credit approval, even without needing a credit card.

Please keep reading to discover how to have your ideal Apple iPhone, iPad, or Macbook and then pay for it later using ZestMoney.

The demand to Purchase Apple Products during the Covid-19 Era

The ongoing pandemic made working from home a necessity for most people. There has been a sudden increase in demand for tablets and Macbooks. Recently, Apple has also unveiled several newer products, including the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air, and an eighth-generation iPad.

This has drawn many buyers new to credit toward Apple products. The following question is, how can they purchase these top-quality products without worrying about the cost?

The answer lies in ZestMoney since it offers payment options for those who wish to own an Apple product but still need a financial plan to purchase the identical. The goal of this fintech company that focuses on consumer lending is to make Apple’s top technological products affordable to everyday Indian customers. The collaboration with ZestMoney and Apple has provided a new optimism to customers who can now purchase some of the most popular products from Apple through the flexibility that ZestMoney offers with its pay later option.

Zero-Cost EMI for Apple Product Enthusiasts

ZestMoney provides credit limits to every customer who completes a digital KYC (online or in-store). Customers can then select the repayment plan that best suits their purchasing requirements. The most appealing aspect of this program is that no manual involvement is required when taking advantage of it since it’s entirely digital.

There are a variety of “Zero-cost” EMI schemes designed by ZestMoney in partnership with Apple. Customers can buy newly released Apple products, like the iPhone 12, with the help of these programs. People with limited or zero credit histories may benefit from these programs.

The Buy Now, Pay Later scheme assists customers in planning their financial plans and utilizing their money correctly during difficult times. There is a massive demand in the Tier II and III cities for Apple products. The need for Apple products increases in the days leading up to Christmas.

Reasons to Buy an iPhone on EMI

There are numerous benefits of buying an iPhone with EMI via Zest Money. Here are some advantages:

Affordable purchasing of an iPhone through an advance payment of the total cost can significantly impact your budget for the month. This can leave small savings in case of emergency needs. However, using EMIs can guarantee that you have a sufficient amount of money saved at all times.

The Premium iPhone is now affordable. The iPhone is now cheap: There are numerous iPhone models and variations, and a few premium versions are available at a more fantastic price. If a buyer purchases via EMI, it doesn’t require to shell out the total amount and can purchase a higher-end model.

Further savings thanks to 0% Interest at zero interest, the iPhone can be purchased in installments. This deal is attractive and is free of charge or cost. Furthermore, your bank account will pay your interest on the entire amount you did not have to pay upfront when purchasing the phone.

How do I avail of the buy now pay later plan through ZestMoney?

The process of availing of the ‘buy now and buy later scheme is entirely digital and straightforward. It is simple to use without manual intervention. ZestMoney has a presence in India by way of more than 5500 stores. It also has a handful of Apple-authorized reseller stores. Customers interested in purchasing the product can apply for this offer online via the ZestMoney site or application. Or, they may visit the nearest retailer.

Complete Digital KYC in ZestMoney

To avail credit limit from ZestMoney, customers must fill out the digital KYC (online and in-store) and choose the repayment plan that best suits their preferences during the purchasing. The entire process of using the service can be completely paperless and completely digital. ZestMoney and Apple have also announced a number of free EMI plans available to customers who purchase the new iPhone 12 and similar other products.

Steps to Buy iPhone Using ZestMoney EMI

  1. Avail ZestMoney credit limits – Customers can apply for a ZestMoney credit limit by following a few easy steps. They must verify their mobile number before they can proceed by completing the procedure.
  2. The credit limit is activated When the customer can update their profile, they have to provide the KYC documents and then set up payment to start their credit line.
  3. Select a preferred supplier for buying iPhone. The ZestMoney credit limit is utilized on Amazon, Flipkart, or more than 8000 merchant partners when purchasing an iPhone.
  4. Choose a suitable EMI plan – Select ZestMoney EMI as the payment method for purchases made through your preferred supplier. Customers can pick the EMI plan according to their preferences.
  5. EMI is approved. The EMI plan is approved, and the customer’s order is accepted after the above steps. The company then delivers the product selected following the shipping policy.


The purchase of an iPhone is no longer a goal for many Indians because ZestMoney and Apple have launched numerous exciting options to make purchases simple. Pay now and buy later is one of the schemes that can be used to purchase Apple products without the hassle of making large advance payments.


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