Could your export vision benefit from a business loan?

Being a part of the international market can help your business expand and grow by increasing your sales, profits, and customer base. Exporting can create new financial challenges for companies.

Cash reserves could be depleted by the costs of setting up international operations, purchasing new assets and supplies, or increasing marketing. Cash flow problems may occur, as you will be faced with additional operating costs and financial obligations while waiting for payment. Other finance may be needed to help you overcome this problem.

We offer a variety of financing solutions for companies that export or operate on the global market.

Small business loans and tailored loans

Businesses that require additional working capital often turn to loans. Export Finance Australia offers a variety of export financing solutions, which include loans.

Depending on the nature of your business, we can offer you two types of loans:

  • Unsecured Small Export Loans: This loan can be used to increase your cash flow as you wait for payment, market your products and services in new markets, or purchase business equipment and other assets.

Our Small Business Export Loan, for example, enabled fashion label SIR to finance their sales orders as they grew internationally.

Please find out more about our Small Business Export Lending Program.

  • A longer-term loan: Our tailored lending can cover working capital or capital expenditures while you expand or build your export or supply chains to new markets.

To help with working capital, we provided a loan to DCI Electrical Services. This business provides electrical, civil, and plant hire services in the resources sector. We provided a loan to DCI Electrical Services, a business that provides electrical, civil, and plant hire services to the resources sector. *

Please find out more about our flexible loan options.

Managing repayments

The loan amount, like any other business loan, is determined by the borrowing capacity of your business and your needs. We can tailor our repayment terms to your needs and business payment cycles. This is especially helpful for global companies.

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