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It is extremely valuable to connect with others who are active in export markets and gain their insights. We often ask our customers for their advice to other businesses when we speak with them. These are the three tips that our customers shared with us.

1. Build a team around a vision.

A key aspect of any business’s success is believing in your work and supporting it. Adam Parnell, Easy Signs’ Co-Founder, Director, and Co-Founder, stressed the importance of having a team that supports your business.

He said that his advice to other businesses in need of finance is to have a clear vision for what they want to achieve first. “And you also need to have the right team.”

2. Building strong working relationships

Veronika Bielk, CEO of EFTLab, said that when it comes to new market opportunities, relationships are crucial. It is especially important when there are language or cultural differences between the countries.

It’s important to establish relationships with people who are native speakers of the target country. They can be your representatives and attend face-to-face meetings.

Your partners, such as accountants, advisers, and financial providers, should also be treated with respect.

3. Explore your options

Calvin Stead, CEO of Kelly Engineering, urges businesses to explore all the options available, particularly when it comes to financing.

Find out what you can and cannot do. He explained that it’s not foolish to ask silly questions because most of them aren’t. You will then be much better informed of your financial constraints, and you can do what you really want to do on an export market.

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