Snbl Or Bnpl That Is The Question

“Save now, buy later” and “buy now, pay later” are two distinct approaches to managing financial matters and purchasing items. Let’s compare both:

Save Now, Buy Later

“Save now, buy later” is a term used to describe a plan that allows individuals to save funds over time to build up savings. They then purchase something when they’ve saved up enough. It is a method of disciplined protection that involves delaying the moment of gratification. The individuals who use this strategy tend to save frequently in a savings account until they have the funds needed to make the purchase they desire. This helps people avoid the burden of debt and allows them to take complete control of the item after purchase. The retailer may give you a discount that can be added to your savings.

Buy Now, Pay Later

” Buy now, pay later” is a payment method that allows customers to buy a product immediately and then delay the purchase. It is typically an online financing or payment platform with installment plans or delayed payment options. With the buy now pay later, people can purchase a product and divide the cost into multiple installments over a specific time. This lets them buy the item in advance without paying the entire amount immediately. It is important to remember that particular buy now, pay later options could charge interest or other fees in deferred payments.

Difference Between SNBL and BNPL

  1. Method Approach “Save now, buy later” concentrates on making money over time to fund a purchase, whereas “buy now, pay later” permits immediate purchase accompanied by delayed payment.
  2. Ownership– In the case of “save now, buy later,” people are the sole owners of the item after it has been bought. If you choose “buy now, pay later,” ownership is obtained immediately, but the payment process is delayed, and the item could be taken back if payment is not completed.
  3. Financing Financing “Save now, buy later” prevents borrowing or accumulating debt, whereas “buy now, pay later” is financing the purchase with installment plans or deferred payments.
  4. Prices (USD) “Save now, buy later” usually involve investing and saving only the amount you saved, whereas “buy now, pay later” might apply interest or charges for deferred payments.

What is SNBL Function?

Let’s say you want to purchase an expensive laptop for about Rs. 30,000. Instead of buying it immediately, you save the money for a specific period until you’ve enough money to buy it.

  1. Goal setting The goal setting is to determine the exact amount you’ll have to put aside for the laptop. In this instance, it’s Rs. 30,000.
  2. Budgeting: Review your monthly expenses and income to find areas to cut costs or save more. This may mean reducing expenditures that aren’t necessary and finding ways to cut back on expenses that are routinely incurred or putting aside a percentage of your earnings specifically for saving for your laptop.
  3. Establish an achievable savings goal and time frame with your ending budget in mind. For instance, let’s say you intend to save 3,000 dollars monthly for ten months to achieve your goal of Rs.30,000.
  4. Registration Method: You can select an online retailer with an option to save money by purchasing the Now Buy Later option. Then, you can sign up and choose the amount to be used and the period. Once you have set the goal, you can deposit the monthly amount you agreed to each month for the specified time.


The decision between “save now, buy later” and “buy now, pay later” is based on your objectives regarding finances, discipline, and personal circumstances. “Save now, buy later” encourages saving money and avoids debt, while “buy now, pay later” gives instant access to purchases and the option of distributing the payments. It’s crucial to consider the financial situation of one’s family and personal preferences before deciding which option is the best for you.

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