Top 5 Credit Cards With Low Or Zero Annual Charges And Higher Reward Benefits

When utilized properly, credit cards are an excellent financial instrument. They are a great way to pay your financial obligations without incurring any fees. You have to pay the dues prior to or on the due date in order to avoid fees for interest. What are the essential features to be looking for in the credit card you choose to use? The most important thing to consider is what credit card you should choose to apply for. There are a lot of credit cards to choose from. However, you have to analyze and pick the one that will best suit your requirements.

Key Highlights for a Good Credit Card

  1. They charge no or minimal annual fees for joining or joining.
  2. They offer attractive deals on entertainment, dining, and travel, as well as online shopping.
  3. They do not have hidden costs.
  4. They don’t charge high interest rates.
  5. They offer cashback, welcome bonuses, discounts, as well as other benefits that meet your needs.
  6. The benefits of the credit card are accessible to everyone in the income range in all geographies (not only the cities with the most populous populations)

Here are a few of the credit cards that come with virtually no or very low joining/annual costs and also offer fantastic rewards.

The Top Five Credit Card in India with great benefits and Low Charges

  1. HDFC Millenia credit card
  2. IDFC First Wealth credit card
  3. Axis Bank Select credit card
  4. HDFC Business Credit card for money back
  5. HDFC Diners Club Black credit card (for large expenditures)

Let’s examine the benefits and features they offer, making these cards among the top credit cards for purchase in India.

HDFC Millenia Credit Card

Advantages and Features of HDFC Millenia Credit Card

  • The welcome bonus of 1000 points in cash, only upon payment of the cost of membership
  • Earn 5% cashback on Amazon, Cult. Fit, BookMyShow, Myntra, Flipkart, Swiggy, Tata Cliq, Zomato, Uber, and Sony Liv.
  • Cashback of 1% cash back EMI or Wallet transactions
  • Get gift vouchers worth Rs. 1,000 for spending of 1 lakh rupees. 1 lakh
  • Take advantage of a 20% discount at partner restaurants through Dine Out.
  • No liability for lost credit cards in the event that it is reported promptly
  • Credit with up to 50 days of interest-free period
  • You can enjoy eight lounges free during the year.
  • A 1% surcharge on fuel is waived in the amount of Rs. 250

The benefits and features of IDFC First Wealth credit card

  • Welcome voucher worth Rs. 500 for spending Rs. 15,000 within the first 90 days.
  • 4 Complimentary domestic/international airport lounge and railway lounge visits in a quarter.
  • Movie tickets for free Online shopping deals, free access to movies
  • 20 20% discount on dining in 1500plus restaurants.
  • 15% discount on more than 3,000 health and fitness centers
  • Free golf courses
  • 1% fuel surcharge waived in the amount of Rs. 400.
  • Coverage for air accidents that is up to Rs. 1 crore, as well as personal accident coverage up to 1 lakh. 10,00,000.
  • A lost card’s liability is limited to Rs. 50,000.

Advantages and Features of Axis Bank Select credit card –

  • Joining fee of Rs. 3,000 (NIL for Burgundy)
  • Amazon welcome gift vouchers worth Rs. 2,000
  • 20 percent off Big Basket purchases
  • 40 percent off Swiggy orders
  • Buy one and Rs. 300 off the second ticket purchased on BookMyShow
  • Free airport priority pass membership
  • Six complimentary golf rounds in the format of a year
  • 20% off at dining partner restaurants
  • A 1% fuel surcharge exemption for 400 rupees. 400
  • Air accident insurance covers as high as 2.5 crores. 2.5 crore

Advantages and Features of HDFC Business Credit Card with money back –

  • The joining fee is low at just Rs. 500
  • Get 5% cashback on essential business expenses such as electricity bills, utility bills, tax payments, and so on.
  • Cash withdrawal facility
  • Convert large purchases to EMIs
  • Buy business essentials like furniture, ACs, electronics, etc., in bulk using your business card
  • Be sure your utility bills are paid on time when you sign up for SmartPay.
  • Zero loss card liability on prompt notification by the institution.
  • A 1% surcharge on fuel is waived in the amount of Rs. 250
  • 20% discount 20% off DineoutPay application. Maximum discount Rs. 300 per month.
  • You can earn 2500 reward points with an annual expenditure of Rs.1.8 lakhs

HDFC Diners Club Black credit card (for spending on high)

This card is intended for people with a high income and spending. While the cost of joining is expensive at Rs. 10,000 plus tax, the renewal cost is waived on expenditures of more than Rs. 5 lakh during the previous year. If you’re a high net-worth individual who frequently travels, the card could be the best option for you.

The benefits and features of HDFC Business Moneyback credit card

  • Free annual memberships to Forbes, Dineout, MMT Black, Club Marriott, Amazon Prime, and Times Prime
  • Complementary BookMyShow tickets, Ola cabs, TataCliq vouchers, Cult. fit Live on spends of the amount of Rs. 80,000
  • Earn five reward points for each Rs. 150 spent
  • Complimentary golf games, 6 per quarter
  • You can earn rewards up to 10X through SmartBuy and 2X during weekend dining
  • Benefit from wellness and travel when you book with the card.
  • Credit liability insurance coverage is available in the amount of 9 lakhs at Rs. 9 lakhs
  • 2.2% markup on the total amount you spend in foreign currency
  • Lounge access is free to international and domestic airports
  • 1.5 % fuel surcharge exemption
  • Benefits of insurance: Insurance for air accidents of 2 crores of rupees. 2 crores, travel insurance of up to Rs. 55,000, and Emergency hospitalization coverage of up to Rs. 50 lakhs

The application procedure for the top 5 credit cards on CreditMantri is as follows:

  1. Select the option for the credit debit card you want to use on your preference through the CreditMantri website
  2. Click on “CHECK ELIGIBILITY”.
  3. Input details such as your email address, mobile number, residence city, Type of employment, residence PIN code, and information regarding any loans you might have
  4. Select all checkboxes in order to signify agreement conditions.
  5. Click on “Submit”
  6. Enter the OTP you received on your mobile number that you have registered.
  7. Continue with the remaining application, and you can be approved in a short time.


The credit card you choose should be done according to your requirements and needs. One that comes with the least charges and most benefits may be the best choice for you. Make sure you look at the various alternatives and then make the decision. Make sure you pay your debts on time, or credit cards will show as a second charge in your credit report.

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