Why You Should Consider Refinancing Your Home Loan During Covid-19

Do you ever wonder how to react during the COVID-19 Crisis? Worried about loan repayments and loans?

Credit Hub will help you make the best decisions during this crisis because we are always here to assist.

Take a look at the refinancing options available to you and see how you can get out of this crisis strong!

Yes, you heard us right! We want you to not only come out of it but also to come out strong.

Now, you can get a lower rate of interest.
Refinancing is usually a good option, as most lenders offer new clients a larger discount. Always try to negotiate first with your current lender.

More loan features are available.
Consider refinancing your loan with a lender that offers flexible loan terms. This can provide you with not only more flexibility but also savings.

You can borrow on your equity.
You may be able to refinance to free up equity if you have been considering renovations or investments.
Equity is the difference between your home’s value and the amount of the mortgage.

Reduce your loan term.
You could pay less overall interest if you make extra repayments. If your current lender will not allow it, you can refinance with another lender.

Cash rebates are available.
Switching to a bank that offers a low-interest rate with a cash rebate can help you benefit from the fierce competition between banks. Get up to $4,000 in cashback.

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