How a guarantee from Export Finance Australia could help your business take on the world

You may have to pay for materials, assets, suppliers, and staff before you get paid if you are exporting goods or services. You will often have to pay for assets, materials, suppliers, shipping, and staff. Payment cycles for international markets are usually longer than those in domestic markets, which means that your working capital may be locked up for many months or years.

You must have the support of your financiers when securing additional finance for working capital needs. If your business does not have the collateral your bank requires as security for a loan, they may not be able to help.

Export Finance Australia can provide a bank guarantee in your name. This can provide your bank with the assurance it needs to approve financing for your business.

Supporting Australian Businesses to Meet Security Requirements

Our Export Working Capital Guarantee gave the New South Wales frozen meat wholesaler Oz Nature the security needed to get finance approved by its bank. Oz Nature used this finance to increase production capacity and ensure that shipping and distribution of their Wagyu product continued smoothly.

Many businesses approach us directly. Sometimes, banks recommend us to companies as a means to secure a loan.

Westpac, for example, recommended us to the Australian manufacturer PCT Global when it sought finance to sell EnduroShield (r) easy-clean treatments to US home improvement giant Home Depot. Export Finance Australia provided a guarantee for the business to obtain the finances to buy the extra materials and packaging required to fulfill this contract.

How to apply for a Guarantee

Export Finance Australia will only provide a guarantee if the transaction is export-related. Exporting goods or being a part of a global supply chain are all possible.

It is important to begin conversations early with your financiers when you realize that additional financing is needed.

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