How does export finance differ from other forms of finance?

Every business, especially those who export goods and services to international markets, needs finance.

Our finance solutions support Australian companies that export, provide projects across the globe, or supply goods/services for a business exporting.

Small business loans

Our Small Business Export Loan may be the right choice for you if you are a small company that needs to borrow under $350,000 for export operations. The Small Business Export Loan does not require any property as security, and there are no penalties for making early repayments. It can be used to:

  • Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • export market development
  • general working capital needs
  • Plant and equipment purchases
  • Tourism services
  • Online businesses are a growing trend.

Our export Online Portal allows you to apply directly online.

Our Small Business Export Loan helped Twisted Healthy Treats continue their domestic operations while they awaited payment from a US order.

Tailored options for export loans

You may need financing to help you expand your business into new markets, cover the costs of capital investments, or finance working capital. If you need a loan for more than $350,000, our tailored loan options may be the right choice for your business.

We can offer a flexible structure of loans that fits your cash flow. For example, we could provide you with a line-of-credit option. We can work with your bank in order to find finance solutions for export-related activities.


Sometimes, international buyers ask for a guarantee before they engage your business. What is a bond, and how does it work? A bond is a form of financial insurance that could protect both you and your buyer in the event that you are unable to fulfill certain aspects of your contract. The type of bond you choose will depend on your needs and those of your buyer.

A performance bond, for example, guarantees that you will finish the work according to your contract and reduces your buyer’s risks. If you are responsible for repairs or changes for a certain period after the contract has ended, you may need a warranty.

If you are exporting to the US or if your buyer is making an advance payment, then it may be necessary to obtain a US Surety Bond.


Banks often require that you put up cash or real estate as collateral for a loan. Cash could eat up your working capital, or your business might not have any property.
We can help you by working with your bank to provide a guarantee instead of cash or property.

How a bank guarantee might work Grounded Construction Group used to secure its bank guarantees using cash. However, this ate up a large portion of their working capital. We were able to provide a guarantee to the business, allowing it to use its cash flow to grow.

Project finance and structured financing

Export Finance Australia can provide the necessary finance for these types of projects. Export Finance Australia can provide funding for many of these projects because we are Australia’s ECA. We can offer the private sector with confidence to finance a project.

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