Snbl Or Bnpl That Is The Question

The two approaches of “buy now and pay later” and “save now and buy later” differ in how they manage finances and make purchases. Here is a comparison of the two:

Buy Now and Save Now

The phrase “Save Now, Buy Later” is a strategy that involves individuals saving money and making purchases once they’ve saved enough. This strategy consists of keeping with discipline and delaying gratification. This approach consists of keeping regularly in a designated savings account until you have the funds necessary to purchase your desired item. The method allows individuals to avoid debt and own the product outright when they are buying it. You might get a discount from the merchant, which will add to your savings.

Buy Now and Pay Later

The “Pay now, but later option” allows the consumer to purchase a product immediately while delaying payment. It usually involves using a payment platform or financing service that offers deferred payments or installment plans. Buy now, pay later allows individuals to make a purchase and then split the cost into several installments that are delivered over a certain period. The item can be purchased upfront without the need to pay for the entire amount at once. It’s important to remember that some services offering a buy now and pay later option may charge an interest rate or other fees.

Difference between SNBL and BNPL

  1. Approach “Save Now, Buy Later” is a strategy that focuses on saving over time in order to purchase a product, while “Buy Now, Pay Later” allows for immediate purchases with delayed payments.
  2. Ownership – When using “Save Now, Buy Later,” individuals are the owners of an item once it is purchased. When you choose “pay later,” ownership is immediately acquired, but the payment is delayed. If prices aren’t made, the item could be repossessed.
  3. Financing “Save Now, Buy Later” is a way to avoid borrowing or incurring debt. “Buy Now, Pay Later” involves financing a purchase using installment plans or deferred payment options.
  4. Costs “Save Now, Buy Later” usually involve only saving the money and then spending it, while “buy now, Pay Later” could include fees or interest for the deferred option.

What is SNBL?

Say you want to buy a laptop for Rs. 30,000. You decide to wait to buy it until you can afford to.

  1. Setting Goals: You decide the amount that you will need to save. In this instance, it is Rs. 30,000.
  2. Budgeting: You examine your monthly income and expenditures to identify areas in which you can save or cut back. You could reduce your discretionary spending or find ways to cut back on regular expenses. Or you can set aside a specific portion of your income for the laptop.
  3. Savings plan– Based on the budget you have set, you determine a realistic saving goal and timeframe. Say you want to save Rs. 30,000 in 10 months by saving 3,000 per month.
  4. Registration– You may choose an online merchant who offers the option to Buy Now and Save Later. Then, you can register and select the amount and duration of your goal. Once you have set the amount, you can deposit the agreed amount each month for the agreed period.


The decision between “save and buy later” or “buy and pay later” is based on personal financial goals, discipline, and circumstances. Saving and avoiding debt are promoted by “save now, buy later”, while “buy now pay later” allows immediate access to purchases, with the option of spreading out payments. Before deciding on the best approach, you must consider your financial situation and preferences.

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