What To Do If You Lost Your Original Life Insurance Policy Document

The insurance company hands over the actual document, which is this Insurance policy document, to the client at the time of purchasing the insurance plan. The primary content of the paper is the terms and conditions reached in an agreement between the parties when purchasing the insurance plan.

In the event of maturation and when the claim for money in the event of the death of the nominee, the original copy of the policy, which is attached to the other documents, must be provided by the buyer in the procedure, the nominee must have a valid identity document, and proof of identity and the original document needs to be provided. The paper must be kept in good condition and submitted by the buyer in the company’s name.

The steps to take if the document gets lost

  • The first thing that needs to be done if the purchase document has been lost by the person purchasing it is to call the company that insured it. If the policy was bought via an agent, the agent should be informed of the situation. If the agent isn’t available immediately, the purchaser must contact the insurer closest to them and tell them of the issue.
  • An insurance duplicate must be requested by the person who is insured. The procedure is easy, and a duplicate copy could be made easily. The insurance company should be supplied with specific documents to use the composition.
  • A police investigation is a legal action taken by the insured person who attests to the fact that the policy documents have been lost. This will speed up getting an exact duplicate copy of the insurance claim.
  • Advertisements are an option to locate the policy document that was lost. Typically, an advertisement is made in English and a dialect of the vocabulary, and, in certain circumstances, the copy lost was found and handed to the owner. The advertisement states that the document has disappeared, and you do all you can to locate the missing document.
  • An indemnity bond is typically made between the insurance company and the document’s owner that was lost with a stamp. It ensures there’s no chance that a misused paper could occur while issuing a duplicate copy.
  • In case of a mishap with the initial document, the insurer’s bail is issued to the buyer instead of the paper. It needs to have the signatures of both parties. The bond must be kept secure, and the nominees must be aware of the bond.

How can you assert a right in the event of losing Original documents?

  • If the Original policy document, the insured can request duplicates from the insurance company. The insurer sends this information to a claiming person and can ask that the company pay the claim upon receiving the duplicate documents.
  • If the nominee dies in the event of death, the nominee may ask the insurance company to sign the bond that ensures all requirements and terms are fulfilled, and the claim is handled in this manner.
  • If the documents are not found, the applicant can comply with the steps above to prove that the demand to obtain original documentation is valid and that the claimant doesn’t possess the documents.
  • In submitting a claim for missing documents, the claimant has to ensure that no fraud is involved and that no other party has access to these original documents.

Tips for locating the policy that was lost

  • In the event of the passing away of a claimant,t all documents and records of the deceased should be checked and verified before requesting the duplicate policy. In the majority of cases, some of the documents are discovered by the person who is claiming after the request is made.
  • These days, emails are being sent out regarding the policy sent to the insurer’s customer. In this scenario, the email could be traced, and the information could be fulfilled correctly. When lost during travel, Some documents may be tracked down using advertisements in the proper channels of media and agencies.
  • If agents are involved with the deal, that agent may also hold the papers for senior or super senior citizens.
  • If a police report is filed, the likelihood of locating the lost documents rises, and the police department traces the motivation behind the fraud.


Original policy documents needs to be maintained in its original form and protected since it is the primary document that proves the policyholder is entitled to the claim after filing it. If the policy document should it be lost in any instance, is lost, the steps outlined above must be taken care of and utilized. The person who holds the policy should know that their policy may be not in the possession of another person in the event that the situation is. If the policy documents become lost, the owner of the policy should get another copy of the policy from the company to ensure that when submitting claims there is no confusion regarding who will get the claim. The company can distribute the claim according to the name of the nominee on the policy documents.

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