Affordable Ways To Stay Fit During The Cold Weather

Winter is here, and staying fit can be difficult on a budget, especially with the bitter cold, shorter daylight hours, and slippery weather. Health experts stress the importance of maintaining a healthy physical condition. Fitter people sleep better, have less anxiety, are more alert, and are happier. This also helps improve your overall health and your immune system and strengthens your bones and muscles. It reduces your type 2 diabetes risk and prevents cancer. To stay fit, you need to strike a balance between exercise and diet. If you want to exercise, it is expensive. Fitness is not cheap, but it can be made budget-friendly. You can use credit cards to pay for your wellness.

How Can Credit Cards Help You Maintain a Healthy Budget?

Credit cards are a great way to make fitness affordable. You can earn rewards for eligible wellness purchases and get fitness and health benefits. Here are some of credit cards‘s health and wellness benefits.

  • They offer rewards for buying fitness equipment or sporting goods. Credit cards can help you save money on fitness equipment. Choose the best credit card before you spend any money on fitness equipment and sporting goods.
  • You can get cash back rewards when you pay for gym memberships and fitness classes with credit cards.
  • Get rewards for spending at the pharmacy: Some credit cards offer cashback compensation on purchases made in the drugstore. If you have the right credit cards, you can get tips for vitamins, nutritional supplements, essentials for health, and other protein bars.
  • Some credit cards provide statement credits to individuals who qualify for them. You may be able to get monthly or annual statement credits for your fitness memberships, whether you do it online or in person. It could help you achieve your fitness goals because your commitment will motivate you.
  • Lifestyle Benefits Health credit cards offer more than just rewards for wellness and death. Lifestyle reward points are also available, which can include offers and discounts on dining, movies, or travel.
  • Health & Wellness: You may be eligible for accelerated rewards in certain categories, such as health checkups. These cards offer free monthly fitness sessions as well as memberships for health-related apps/programs such as Fitpass pro membership and Netmeds pro subscription.


Features and Benefits of SBI Card PULSE

  • Welcome benefits: You’ll receive a ColorFit Pulse Max Smartwatch when you pay the joining fee
  • Reward Points: You will receive 10 points for every Rs. Spending $100 in pharmacies, chemists, and restaurants is eligible. Earn two reward points for every Rs. Earn two reward points for every Rs.
  • Join for Free: FitPass Pro is free. It offers the following services:
    • Access to more than 4,000 gyms, fitness studios and other facilities
    • Access to recorded and live online fitness sessions
    • AI is able to provide personal nutritionist and fitness coaching sessions.

The Apollo SBI Credit Card

  • Welcome Benefits: Cardholders get a free Apollo Silver Tier membership when they pay their joining fee
  • Reward Points
    • Spend Rs.100 on beauty and wellness services to earn one reward point. Spending Rs. 100 on beauty services and wellness will earn you one reward point
    • 3X reward points per Rs. 100 spent on all Apollo services
    • 1 Reward Point = 1
  • Discount: You can get a 10% direct discount on select Apollo services.

The Yes Bank Wellness Plus Credit Card

  • Complementary health benefits: Aditya Birla Multiply offers you the following health benefits:
    • Annual preventive health checks are complimentary for up to 31 parameters
    • Yearly eye and dental examinations are complimentary
    • The app allows unlimited consultations with nutritionists and specialists.
    • Get 12 free fitness sessions per week, including Yoga, Zumba, Gym, etc.
  • Reward Points
    • Spend Rs. 200 on chemist/pharmaceutical stores and earn up to 30 points. 200 spent on chemist/pharmaceutical stores
    • Earn six reward points per Rs. Spend 200 rupees in all categories.
    • You will receive 5x points for the first three transactions made by the first five billers registered with Yes PayNow.
  • Insurance Benefits
    • One crore for death due to flight accidents. Death due to flight accidents: Rs.
    • Twenty-five lakhs for emergency hospitalization services when traveling abroad. Travel insurance of Rs. 25 lakhs to cover emergency hospitalization when traveling abroad.
    • Credit Shield Coverage for Accidental Death of Primary Cardholder

Features and Benefits of the Yes Bank Wellness Credit Card

  • Complementary health benefits:
    • Checkups on up to 25 parameters annually
    • Annual dental and eye examinations are complementary
    • Aditya Birla’s Multiply App allows you to consult with specialists, general practitioners, and nutritionists without restrictions.
    • Six complimentary fitness sessions per month for Zumba, Zumba Fitness, Zumba Yoga, Gym, etc.
  • Rewards:
    • Spend Rs. Spending Rs.200 on chemists or pharmaceutical stores will earn you 20 reward points.
    • Spend Rs. Spending Rs. 200 on other categories will earn you four reward points.
    • You can earn five times more reward points for your first three transactions when you use YESPayNow to pay billers. This offer applies only to the first five bills you register.

Axis Bank Aura Credit Card Features

  • Welcome BenefitsA Decathlon Coupon worth Rs. 750
  • Health Benefits:
    • Practo offers free medical consultations every month
    • Fitternity offers four interactive video sessions and 16 recorded sessions per month.
    • Get discounts up to Rs. Annual health checkups: Get up to Rs.
    • Nutritionist partners provide discounts of at least 30% for nutritional or diet consultations
    • Healthy Foods at a Minimum 30% Discount
  • Reward Points
    • Earn 2 EDGE points per Rs. Spend Rs. 200 on the card to earn 2 EDGE points
    • You will receive 5 EDGE points per Rs. Spend Rs. 200 on the card to get 5x EDGE Points
  • Additional Benefits
    • Axis Bank Dining Delights offers up to 20% off at participating restaurants.

How to reduce your insurance premium by staying fit

The insurance companies have found a way to encourage people to be appropriate. The insurance companies are offering a waiver of the renewal premium on health insurance based on a certain number of active days. Active days are based on activities such as walking, running Zumba, going to the gym, etc. Discounts vary between companies.




You don’t need to abandon your fitness goals because they’re expensive. Credit cards can help you save money on your fitness journey.

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