Atm Cash Withdrawal Limits For Top Banks In India

Individuals can withdraw cash from ATMs whenever they need it. Banks limit the amount of money you can cancel within a certain period. The threshold value is different for each bank. Now, let’s read about the ATM withdrawal limits of top banks in India.

SBI ATM Withdrawal limit

SBI’s withdrawal limits vary depending on the type of SBI account as well as the terms and conditions for your debit card. SBI may also modify these limits at any time. It is best to confirm the current limitations with the bank.

HDFC Bank ATM withdrawal limit

Below is the HDFC Bank ATM cash withdrawal limit. The maximum withdrawal limit may differ depending on the type of HDFC Account.

Punjab National Bank ATM Withdrawal Limit

Punjab National Bank operates a large network of ATMs and branches across the country. The ATM withdrawal limits are different depending on the type of PNB Bank account. Check your account details to ensure you are not exceeding the limit.

Bank of Baroda ATM withdrawal limit

Bank of Baroda’s ATM network offers customers a convenient and secure way to withdraw cash. Bank of Baroda sets limits on cash withdrawals at ATMs. Limits vary depending on the type of account. Knowing these limits will help customers ensure they have the cash they need when they need it.

How do you avoid ATM charges?

Here are some ways to avoid ATM fees.

Step 1. Use your bank’s ATM:

  • Use the ATM at your bank — You will not be charged any fees for using your own bank’s ATM. No payments will be charged. You may be charged for using another ATM.
  • Save your free transactions to withdraw at the ATM: Save your free transactions to start. You can use net banking to perform operations such as account statements and amount transfers.
  • Use Partnered ATMS– If your bank has partnered up with another bank, then you can withdraw money from those banks’ ATMs for free.
  • Pay your Bills Online: You may pay online rather than using an ATM. You can use your free transactions in other situations.
  • Swipe Your Cards– You can save time by swiping your card rather than using an ATM to withdraw money.

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