Paytm HDFC credit card

The Paytm HDFC Credit Card provides unending cashback every single time. We will examine the benefits, charges, fees, and steps to activate it.

Features of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

Cashback Benefits

  1. 3.3% cash back on all purchases through Paytm. It includes movie theaters, malls, and mini-apps.
  2. 2.2% cash back on all other Paytm spending.
  3. Cashback of 1% for all Retail Spends.
  4. Cashback is unavailable on fuel expenses, EMI spending, and wallet load.
  5. There is no cashback on government or rental expenses.
  6. The maximum accrual for grocery purchases is limited to 1,000 cash points per calendar month.
  7. The maximum redemption for points for travel rewards is set at 10,000 points each month.
  8. Cashback redemptions for all purchases are capped at 3,000 points per calendar month.
  9. Credit with interest-free terms is available for up to 50 days.

Fees of Paytm HDFC Credit Card

  1. Monthly membership fees of Rs.49plus GST
  2. Monthly fee waivers on retail purchases of a minimum of Rs. 5,000 (non-EMI spends)

Activation Steps

It must be that the credit card is activated within 37 days after the date of opening. If it is not activated within 37 days, the credit card must be closed according to the Master Instructions.

The following are different ways you can activate your Paytm HDFC Credit Card can be activated.

Setting the PIN for Credit Card

  1. IVR Cardholders can change the 4-digit credit Card PIN by dialing IVR No. 1860 266 0333. When you dial the IVR, the caller will be asked to enter your card number, verify it using OTP, and enter the preferred PIN.
  2. Using Net Banking, log on to HDFC Net Banking and click “Cards.” Choose “Change PIN” and set your preferred PIN (available only for customers having one of the savings/salaries/current accounts).
  • Allowing contactless online, international, and even online transactions

through MyCards. Then, go to and sign in with OTP. After that, you can link to your card. Click on “Card Control. “Card Control” tab to allow Online, Contactless, and international transactions.

By WhatsApp Banking – Please keep the number 7070022222 to be HDFC’s WhatsApp number and send an email “Manage My Credit Card” to activate it.

By Eva For interaction with Eva, visit the HDFC Official website. Look for “Ask EVA” in the lower right-hand corner. Select the preferred transaction to activate.

By using a credit card

You can also activate the Paytm HDFC credit card, making at least one online or in-person transaction.

SmartPay Registration

Through SmartPay, you can provide permanent instructions to your credit card.


Payments made with a Paytm HDFC credit card offer many cashbacks, benefits, and other advantages. It is simple to use and activate the card. Any queries/questions/feedback can be shared via different communication channels. Overall, it’s a fantastic card for those who enjoy buying online and shopping with cards.

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