There has been a lot of change within Credit Hub in the last year. A brand rebrand and a major service overhaul in the process of continuing to build an online financial broker system are not stopping there. As part of our constant effort to offer the most efficient services to our clients, Credit Hub is excited to announce the debut of our brand-new customer portal that is accessible to all our customers.

A new technology platform is expected to enhance our service to our customers through increasing communication, transparency, access to information, and improved tools for managing financial resources.

What is the Credit Hub Customer Portal?

The Credit Hub Customer Portal is an internet-based platform that connects us and our customers. With our secure and powerful portal, you can access everything you need in one place at any time and from anywhere.

Our customer portal allows you to make service requests, monitor the status, recommend your family or friends, date your personal information, or get in touch with us regarding any concern. You also have access to free tools such as property reports, calculators, and health checks. You can be assured that you’re safe in the right hands. We’ll keep you informed. the up-to-date.

Powerful and Secured Customer Portal

The easy and fast join process

For new customers, you need to sign up for an account on”Join us” on the “Join our portal” page; for customers who are already members, your login details will be sent to you following confirmation via email. The automated system we use will forward your account information to you after verification by email.

The clear and easy-to-understand inquiry process

Send us an inquiry in just 30 seconds simply by clicking “new service request.” Our relationship manager will get in touch with you immediately after receiving your question. You will be able to track your search as well as view additional information. Important notifications will be sent via text and email in real time. Upload documents and talk to our support team in real-time.

The automated email and SMS messages

If you aren’t able to follow up on your inquiry, we’ll still keep you informed. We’ve developed an automated system that will send notifications via SMS and email to our clients when their inquiry reaches crucial levels.

This dedicated support team and manager

We have dedicated managers to whom each customer is assigned and a knowledgeable support team that can assist you with any need. Contact us easily via your account. We will not disappear once your mortgage is paid. Credit Hub is a company that will not disappear. Credit Hub, we’re here for the long haul and will assist until the loan is over.

Further benefits available to the customers of our company

  • Access to all the built-in tools as well as the resources
  • Quick loan health check and free consultation from a personal manager.
  • Find out about the latest market trends and latest rates in the market
  • Free property report to all our customers
  • Earn cash rewards by enrolling in our program to refer customers to us.
  • Receive exclusive offers and promotions from our reliable business partners.

To learn more regarding our portal for customers, check out our website. There is also an explainer video that can aid you in understanding the customer portal more clearly. If you’re still not a member of our site, why not join now? Get in touch with us for more details.

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