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Credit Hub is committed to making your loan experience the best possible. We do this by combining our advanced technology and service-oriented approach. We are always learning and adapting to the changing times. We created a special tool last year called the loan health check that helps you decide if your current loan is right for you. It also allows you to make an informed choice to get a better rate or better features.

We recommend a home loan health check every year. This could be scheduled at the same time you file your taxes or start the school year.

What is Credit Hub’s loan health check?

The Free Loan Health Check from Credit Hub is an important part of our ongoing commitment to support you. We want to help you not only find the best deal but also make sure that you remain on it for as long as you have your loan. You’ll also have access to unlimited expert support at any time. This tool can be found on both our website and customer portal. The best part? It’s free!

Credit Hub’s advanced technology makes it super simple to get your free loan health check done. It only takes two minutes. After a free loan health check, our expert will provide a consultation with you to determine if you qualify for a lower rate. The lower your rate of interest, the less you will pay for your mortgage.

You can use a loan health check to determine if your loan is in good condition. You can compare your rate with the market rate to see how much money you could save.

You may need a health check for your loan

If you’re:

  • You may want to review your home loan rates.
  • Looking to lock or reduce your payments?
  • Looking for better loan terms?
  • Coming to the end of a term with a fixed rate,
  • Consider consolidating your debts by refinancing.
  • If you are thinking of topping up your mortgage,
  • Coming to the end of a term with a fixed rate,
  • You may want to pay your mortgage sooner.
  • Planning renovations is important.
  • Consider buying an investment property.

Life is constantly changing. Schedule regular loan checks to ensure that life changes are in line with your biggest financial commitments.

Easy and simple process

Please fill in the loan details

Find out how much you can save by getting your loan health score.

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