How To Activate Rbl Credit Card

RBL credit card must be activated after you have received it. Using your credit card from RBL will be impossible until it has been activated. To start it, you need to establish the PIN of the RBL credit card. We’ll let you know how to begin your RBL credit card.

Ways to Activate RBL Credit Card

RBL credit cards are activated using the Internet banking system, mobile app, and customer service. Once the card is activated, you can use it at ATMs and POS terminals.

Activate RBL Credit Card via Net Banking

  1. The first step is to check out the official site for the RBL Bank.
  2. Select to go through the “Credit Cards” section.
  3. Find the “SET YOUR CARD PIN” “Set Your Card PIN” option. Click it.
  4. Input your credit card details, like the DOB, n, number, and expiry date, and then click “Validate.”
  5. Click on “Send OTP”.
  6. This will be able to send an OTP to your mobile number registered. Enter the code.
  7. Then, to complete the process, click “Change PIN”.
  8. You can now create a PIN that will allow you to activate your card.

Activate RBL Credit Card via Mobile Banking

  1. Download “RBL MyCard App”.
  2. Log into the application with your login credentials.
  3. Look for “Change PIN” and click on it.
  4. Enter the required information and then change the PIN.
  5. Once you’ve set your PIN, you can use it offline and online to purchase items.

Activate RBL Credit Card via Customer Care

  1. The number to contact customer service for RBL credit card customers is +91 22 6232-7777.
  2. Make sure that you call from a registered mobile number.
  3. Select the language of your choice and follow the automatic instructions.
  4. After that, press 1 to change your credit card’s PIN.
  5. Follow the steps below to create a new PIN.


Setting up the credit card’s PIN is the first step to activate your credit card. The credit card’s PIN may be set via internet or mobile banking. It can also be arranged through customer service. It is easy, with just a few steps. After the PIN is entered, it is possible to use the RBL credit card to make transactions online and offline.

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