How To Close Hdfc Credit Cards

The HDFC credit card comes with many benefits to all cardholders. But, there are times when you might need to shut down the credit card for numerous reasons. We will look at the methods to shut down your HDFC credit card.

Ways to Cancel HDFC Credit Card

  1. Reset Your HDFC Credit Card on HDFC’s website. HDFC website

    1. Visit HDFC Bank’s official website
    2. Log into Personal, click Resources (at the end of the screen), click The Forms Centre, then Personal> Credit Cards Close Credit Card Request.
    3. Click here to go to the link.
    4. A new web page will appear. Enter the 10-digit mobile number that you registered.
    5. This will transmit you an OTP via your phone. Next, you must enter your OTP.
    6. The next step is choosing the credit card you wish to close.
      1. If you’re not yet registered for MyCards, Enter the last four digits on the card you used to purchase.
      2. If you own several credit cards, choose the one you wish to cancel from the list. You can also join the card if it was not registered before.
      3. You can proceed to the next step if you only have one credit card.
    7. Please provide the reason for the closing of your credit card.
    8. To authenticate, you must provide the OTP.
      1. The request to close your credit card will be sent.
  2. You can cancel Your HDFC Credit Card by contacting HDFC Helpline HDFC Helpline.

    1. You can dial the HDFC toll-free at 61606161/6160616 to remove the validity of your HDFC credit card. Add your area code to connect to the city’s HDFC customer service.
    2. You can make an order for the cancellation of your credit card by calling.
    3. Then, you must provide your details to confirm your identity. Be sure to answer correctly.
  3. You can cancel the validity of your HDFC Credit Card by delivering your Closure Form for your Credit Card closing form.

    1. Cardholders can download and complete the credit card closure Form at
    2. Please send it to The Director, HDFC Bank Credit Cards, PO Box 8654 Thiruvanmiyur Chennai-600041. You can get it once it is filled in.
    3. Additionally, you can write to the corporate office manager at the exact address.
    4. Important information, including the cardholder’s name, address, address, and telephone number, should be included.
    5. However, you should not disclose personal information, such as the CVV and PIN of the card.

Reasons for Closing a Credit Card

  1. High annual fees: Annual fees accompany certain credit cards. If you discover that the rewards or benefits you get from the card don’t justify the expense, you can cancel it so you don’t have to pay the fee.
  2. Benefits of a Poor Card: If your credit card doesn’t provide benefits such as rewards, features, or gifts that align with your spending requirements, then shutting down the card could be a good idea. You might want to consider alternative credit cards with higher rates or features that meet your needs.
  3. A lot of credit cards Multiple credit cards can be challenging to manage. If you are struggling to track payment due dates, payments, and spending on several cards, closing one or more of them can simplify the management of your finances.
  4. Credit Score and Financial Goals The closing of the credit card you have can affect your credit score. If you own several credit cards and closing one won’t significantly affect your credit utilization or score, it could be an alternative. In addition, if you’re trying to achieve specific financial goals, for example, cutting down on debt or reducing credit risk, closing your credit card may be an option in your strategy.
  5. Modification in the Relationship to the Card IssuerIn: In certain situations, people might cancel the credit card in response to dissatisfaction or a negative experience with the service provided by the card issuer or policies. It could be due to poor client service,  frequent bill mistakes, or unethical business ways.

Things to Consider Before Closing an HDFC Credit Card

  1. Effect on your Credit Score Closing your credit card could affect your credit score because it could affect the ratio of your credit utilization and the average age of your account. Closing a credit card decreases the amount of credit available, which could raise your credit utilization when you have other balances on your credit cards. In addition, closing a credit card could reduce the average time of your accounts, which could impact your credit score. Be sure to consider whether the negative impact on your credit score is okay for you.
  2. Outstanding balances: Ensure you’ve paid off all outstanding balances due on the credit card before closing it. Closing the credit card doesn’t relieve you from any current obligations, and you must still pay any balances remaining. Closing the account with unpaid balances could negatively affect your credit score and cause additional charges or interest.
  3. Bonuses and Rewards: If the credit card has earned reward points, cashback, or other benefits, you should consider using them before closing the credit card. Examine these terms of the card to determine if there are restrictions or expiration dates for redemption of rewards. After the card has been shut down, you could lose access to these rewards.
  4. Longevity of the Credit History Closing an older credit line could reduce the credit record’s average timeframe, affecting your credit score. If the card you’re contemplating closing is among your oldest credit cards, it might be better to keep it in use, particularly if you have a good payment history.
  5. Alternative credit options Consider whether you have any other credit card or credit cards that can meet your financial needs. If you have credit options that offer higher rewards, terms, or other benefits, closing the account may not adversely affect your overall financial management or credit utilization.
  6. Fees and annual costs: Consider any annual charges or maintenance fees related to the credit card. If the price is greater than the benefits you can get through the credit card, it could be worth closing the card to reduce the costs.
  7. Future Needs for Credit: Examine your credit needs in the future as well as your financial objectives. Closing your credit card can reduce the credit available and affect your ability to acquire additional credit soon. If you are planning to need credit shortly, for example, for mortgages or loans, closing the credit card might not be the best option.

How Can I Reactivate a Close HDFC Credit Card?

Through the HDFC official site, users can download an application form to reactivate an account that has been closed. Once the form has been completed, the application form should be mailed to HDFC Bank Cards Division, PO Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600041. The bank will reinstate the canceled card when all required documentation and verification are completed.


Closing your HDFC credit card may be completed through HDFC bank’s website or by calling the customer service number. You can also do it by filling out a form and sending it to the Chennai HDFC office. It is quick and easy to get the required information. Before closing the HDFC credit card, check whether any charges are due or reward points are scheduled to be converted.

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